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Protective equipment is compulsory in skateboarding in order to give you the full protection against all the common injuries as well as reduce the chance of severe damage to your bodies. One of these equipment must be considered is the knee pad since knees and elbows are the most common part that get hurted.

In this article, I will discuss the best knee pads for board skaters. If you need to find out more information about other protective apparatuses, take a few minutes to check out the website named SkateAdvisors.

Due to human instinct, you tend to put your arm and your leg forward while falling. That is why you can easily get hurt in the knee more than any other parts of your body.

When considering buying any knee pad, you need to know about the material that makes up the pad as well as the maximum impact that the pad can withstand. While the price varies differently from brand to brand, you should ask for advice from experienced skaters or the sellers before making any decision.

Below are some of the most popular knee pads on the market:

Impact Protection G-Form Pro-X

TSG Force III and IV Pads

Pro-Tec-2021 best knee pads

Triple 8 KP 22 knee pads

187 Killer Pro Knee pads

Each manufacturer will use different material and technology in producing the knee pads. Some of these pads are comfortable but can not provide the best protection for your knee like the other; however, it is better to choose a good knee pad but still comfortable to the users.

To understand thoroughly about these pads and their advantages and limitations in comparison with the others, you should check out the website SkateAdvisors. I like this website for its honest articles. You should check it out, too.

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