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Get Harry's House Full album by Harry Styles, which is the upcoming third studio album by English singer. scheduled to be released on 20 May 2022 by Columbia and Erskine Records. The album was preceded by the single "As It Was"

Harry shared the album's tracklist on Twitter

This is not a drill. Harry took to Twitter on Thursday, April 28, with a photo of his upcoming tracklist. In a shocking twist of events, Harry's House will be broken up into two sides (A and B) with seven tracks on the first half of the project and six on the second. "Music for a Sushi Restaurant" seems like it's going to be a complete vibe while "Love Of My Life" has me wondering who inspired it.

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We're hoping that we get to see all of these performed once Harry hits the road for the extension of his Love On Tour.

The lead single, "As It Was," dropped in April

While we patiently wait for the album's full tracklist, Harry tided us over by sharing the name of the lead single off of Harry's House on March 28.

Tracklist :

1. Music for a Sushi Restaurant

2. Boyfriends

3. Matilda

4. As It Was

5. Daylight

6. Satellite

7. Grape Juice

8. Love of my Life

9. Late Night Talking

10. Little Freak

11. Cinema

12. Daydreaming

13. Keep Driving

He took to Insta to drop the good news. In the images, Harry's back is displayed, showing off his tattoos and a red sequined number created by Spanish fashion designer, Arturo Obegero. The three-pic post is simply captioned "As It Was. April 1."

2022: hARry sTyLes - Harry's House Album Zip Leak file Download ?

2022: hARry sTyLes - Harry's House Album Zip Leak file Download ?

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