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Faouzia was thinking about the future. After spending years perfecting his first album, Inhabitant, he was finally ready to release her into the world. But the mononymous Moroccan-Canadian singer is no complacency. In fact, Faouzia is already planning her next record, a kind of sister album with the same futuristic fantasy.

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Tracklist :

1. RIP, Love 2. Thick and Thin 3. Anybody Else 4. SoLie 5. I Know 6. Don’t Tell Me I’m Pretty 7. Minefields w/ John Legend 8. Puppet

“The two of them were toying with each other in my head, but Inhabitant like a quieter brother,” he said MODE. Even so, this album still delivers a punch.

With every active song Inhabitant (out May 19), Faouzia recounts. “Minefields” (featuring John Legend) is a heart-touching ballad, while “RIP, Love” is an Arabic song full of vibes about letting go of a partner. But it’s “Dolls,” a bop about breaking away from hope, that really shows what the artist has up his style sleeve. The song’s music video flashes through his mind in a chaotic, colorful, and even kooky fashion.

It’s no wonder the 21-year-old singer (a friend of Chanel) won the Breakthrough Artist of the Year Award at this year’s Junos, which takes place on May 15.

Below, Faouzia told MODE why she is inspired by the future, what it means to break out of the “risky” fashion and how her current style lays the groundwork for her future self.

Whenever I think of my album, I see something very grand and dramatic, and I always see it based on a futuristic world that comes to life on its own. There’s a big glass city and it’s very sharp, fresh, and a bit chilly. That’s the vibe I’m aiming for with fashion on this album and the next.

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