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Faouzia CITIZENS Album Download. Internationally acclaimed Moroccan-Canadian singer, songwriter, fashionista, and overall multi-talent Faouzia has announced her debut album, CITIZENS to be released on 19th May.



Tracklist :

1. RIP, Love 2. Thick and Thin 3. Anybody Else 4. SoLie 5. I Know 6. Don’t Tell Me I’m Pretty 7. Minefields w/ John Legend 8. Puppet

The 21-year-old artist explores her own identity and the struggles of being a third culture kid navigating the world. Born in Morocco and growing up in Canada, the tri-lingual musician takes a vulnerable approach to explore how it feels to be “swallowed” up by the power of a big city and living as insignificant as a citizen.

Besides being a musical prodigy Faouzia has also mastered the art of TikTok. Teasing her two most recent singles “RIP, Love” and “Minefields” with non-other than John Legend, she instantly went viral. Her online success was followed up with a sensational live performance of “Minefield” with Legend at an exclusive Chanel Event in Dubai.

“RIP, Love”, also featured on CITIZEN is a unique mix of modern pop meets ancient tunes. Faouzia draws inspiration from her roots as she incorporates elements of Moroccan and Arabic rhythms to accompany the lyrics about a failed love story. Nothing sweeter than a heartbreak tune you can dance to. She hopes to inspire with her music and help her listeners express themselves through her art.

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