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Assistant Professor

Mrs D Radhika is Asst Professor at Department of CSE, Stanley College of Engineering & Technology for Women, Hyderabad, Telanagana, India. Teaching is her passion. She guided & also has hands on experience on developing projects using languages like C,C++,Java, EJB, Python, Databases such as MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Conceptual technologies like Machine learning,IoT,Image Processing,Big Data. She has strong conceptual understanding of subjects, excellent programming skill with an overall experience of over 20+ years in training, software development and teaching. She worked as a corporate developer & trainer for 8+years , assistant professor for 12+ years and has a flavor for updating to new technologies, and also upgrading qualification. Good communication, presentation skills with student/audience centered training for better understanding of subject are her strengths. She is a team player with adaptability, go getter skills and has optimistic attitude. Data mining, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Privacy of Big Data are her research areas of interest. She published 11 research articles in International Journals. She also presented and published research papers in National and International Conferences. She is currently pursuing research on “Big Data”.

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