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✨Student Blog - My Life at Stanley

Hello, people! Being a teen with multiple motives, numerous notions, and aspiring ambitions, I entered Stanley with a sprinkle of nervousness

anxiety, and a pinch of fear in my heart. After the lockdown the first place I attended after my 18th birthday was Stanley. Trying to build new friendships and listening to classes was a day-to-day formality. At first, waking up early, traveling by metro, and attending classes made me homesick. Staying in Hyderabad and leaving home just for 8 hours made me feel so awful. As days passed, I made new friends!! Yeah! Plural ‘s

We were a group of 7 and we still are friends! One of them is a hostler, and talking to her made me feel so close to my family. As a teen leaving their hometown and staying in a hostel, being independent, scrubbing dishes, and washing clothes were great chores to do. I feel fortunate to have a mother and a home to run to every day after hectic, chaotic, and choppy college hours. Having parents to talk to about your bad and good days, comfort you, and support you is a boon! I have them and I'm endowed.

As days passed, I started to interact with my additional classmates. I've given a talk, about my views, and responsibilities of being a Class Representative. This talk made me bond with other class companions. I was elected as the assistant class representative. This was one of my most tremendous achievements of all time. This stance turned me into a responsible student and shaped me into a student who can withhold all the pressures. This position brought about a change, in the way, I govern my stuff.

This platform taught to balance my studies, assignments, records, observations, responsibilities as a class representative, and writing subject as a content writer. After all this commotion. I've entered my second semester with flying colors!! Having a glorious bond with a teacher who taught physics along with life lessons helped me comprehend physics and life. This doctorate professor dwelled a way of interest in physics and made me feel strongly about being a girl. The English lab gave me a chance to abandon my stage fear, share my views and thoughts, and taught me to attach to an audience of all ages.

Engineering is difficult! Studying 6 subjects with the labs is quite problematic. Scoring and maintaining a decent GPA with no backlogs is the greatest pressure of being an engineering graduate. Adding to this being a student with responsibilities and commitment, following duties, and submitting assignments on time is too bothersome.

Every engineer has to go through this phase and you might have been or you might be going through this. At Stanley, the teachers I've met connected with me not only to teach their subjects but also to teach life. I've loved being bonded with my physics teacher who taught me to be tough, bold, strong, patient, and kind in any situation. I hope you find teachers like this who teach you about the world, help you to handle stress, and help you love the way you are. Stanley taught me to be indebted, respectable and dedicated to every work I do.




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