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Empowering the girl students through management education to develop globally competitive women managers with a concern for society.


​M1: The department endeavors to provide management education for girl students to make them competent and confident to succeed in management professional practice and advanced learning.

M2: Harnessing qualities like humanity, social values, ethics, leadership in order to encourage contribution to society.

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Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

An MBA programme provides a graduate with a flexible degree which can help increase the awareness of general business knowledge and enhance understanding in any particular business domain. Typically an MBA helps the graduate to become more marketable across a wider range of work-profiles and across countries, move upwards in a company into managerial cadre, develop an extensive professional network or even set up ones own business.


Senior positions in business involve responsibilities that need good functional understanding of management of human resources and financial resources. These resources need to be utilized in a competitive market with the best operational efficiency. An MBA helps develop a fundamental understanding of such knowledge across domains like human resources, finance, marketing, operations and information technology that is not normally received from any single focused undergraduate degree programme. Acquiring an MBA is a process filled with learning new skills, studying methodologies and discussing industries that provide employment opportunities


Stanley will be providing the MBA programme on the lines as prescribed by Osmania University. For details regarding the programme content, duration, curriculum, examinations and evaluations please visit the Osmania MBA site.

Head of the Department

Dr. Y. Padma - Poressor,HoD MBA, Ph.D-1.png

Dr. Y. Padma



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