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Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

Computer Programming



Empowering girl students with the contemporary knowledge in computer science engineering for their success in life


  1. To impart quality education for girl students to learn and practice various hardware and software platforms prevalent in industry.

  2. To achieve self-sustainability and overall development through Research and Development activities.

  3. To provide education for life by focusing on the inculcation of human & moral values through an honest and scientific approach

  4. To groom students with good attitude, team work and personality skills.

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Computer Science Engineering (CSE)

Computer Science and Engineering has two primary focuses: Computer Hardware Design: including an understanding of design methodologies for electronic circuits, digital systems, computer architecture and integrated circuits, and Computer Software Design: including an understanding of design methodologies for programming, algorithms and data structures, operating systems, large-scale software development, and the principles of computing and a wide variety of software applications across various computer languages.

Teaching-Learning process is given at most priority in pursuit of improving the quality of technical education. Innovative teaching aids and methodologies are used by the department towards this goal. The ease of the Teaching-Learning process is reflected in the consistently excellent results being achieved every year.


This degree provides students with the theoretical foundations of Software Engineering, experience in team projects involving software development and management, hands-on experience with state-of-the-art tools, an understanding of advanced software development and management techniques, and exposure to the most recent developments.


The Computer Science & Engineering department has set up advanced laboratory facilities and the students are trained in these laboratories regularly by allotting suitable time slots in the regular time table. Students have access to high speed broad band internet connection and a well equipped department library. The main library and department library has on- line access to IEEE Journals and magazines. Students are encouraged to participate in national level conferences & present papers

Head of the Department


Dr. Y V S S Pragathi

MTech, Ph.D


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