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Electronics & Communication
Engineering (ECE)

Electronic Circuit



Empowering girl students with the contemporary knowledge in electronics and communications engineering for their success in life


  1. To impart quality education for girl students to learn and practice various hardware and software platforms prevalent in industry.

  2. To achieve self-sustainability and overall development through Research and Development activities.

  3. To provide education for life by focusing on the inculcation of human & moral values through an honest and scientific approach

  4. To groom students with good attitude, team work and personality skills.

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Electronics & Communication 
Engineering (ECE)

The main thrust of ECE Department is to provide better quality education required by the present industry and train the faculty in new technologies periodically to equip themselves in the present global scenario. The ECE department is a vital part of our institution, fostering innovation and cutting-edge research.


M.E. (Embedded Systems): The department of ECE offers Master of Engineering – Embedded Systems course from 2012, now with an intake of 24. This course aims to provide a comprehensive education on par with excellence in the area of Embedded Devices with well qualified professors with decades of experience in the field of teaching and industry. Under this PG Course, latest technologies like microcontrollers, digital signal processing, IoT, etc. are covered.


This highly popular program trains students in a wide range of disciplines, including Microelectronics, Electronic Circuits & Systems, Embedded Systems / SoC, Communication Engineering / Networking, Signal and Image Processing, Fiber Optics & Photonics and Medical Electronics. With the continuous advancements and technological innovations, Electronics and Communication Engineering is under constant flux, finding applications in all human endeavour. The need of the hour is to keep abreast of the technological advancements happening in the developed countries.


Our goal is to provide quality education and up to date information to the students, so that they find place in the fast-changing profile of the industry. Besides strong academic input, the students are required to do mini projects and gain hands-on experience with the hardware and the software tools. Visits to industry and expert lectures from academia and industry add another dimension to the teaching learning experience.


Novel teaching methods, coupled with intensive laboratory training are imparted to get the best out of everyone. Interactive sessions, conduct of seminars, workshops etc. are the added co-curricular activities dwelt upon by the Department, in the making of an engineer beyond compare.


The Department possesses a core group of well trained, competent and highly motivated faculty and staff members who have imbibed and adopted some of the best academic practices being followed in India and abroad.

Head of the Department


Dr. Kedar Nath Sahu

M.Tech, Ph.D


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